Banting Betty personalized catering.

Imagine coming home from a relaxing day on the beach and not having to worry about cooking dinner for family or friends. That’s the beauty of a personal chef – we have it all covered, while you have fun in the sun.

No more running to the shops before they close, struggling to find parking, doing battle with a wonky shopping trolley and fighting with the masses for the last packet of potatoes on the shelf….then coming home to slave away in a hot kitchen. That’s all taken care of.

You just sit back with your white wine spritzer and enjoy the sunset, while you wait for your gourmet meal.  That is what holidays are for after all!

Should you require a private chef whilst you are on holiday, please see details below:

How it works: Once your have decided the dates and services required I will work out a personalised menu plan for you as well as book any of the other services required.  I will liaise with you regarding your meal requirements for the duration of your stay, i.e. any allergies, favourite ingredients, times of meals etc.

Rates (A daily rate will be charged.)

The rates differ according to: Amount of people to be catered for, Duration of stay, Meals required per day, Venue of Villa/house

The Rate includes: Your personal chef being available for all meals required per day (time set by client), my petrol, Shopping for the ingredients, Cooking/serving of all meals

It EXCLUDES the cost of the ingredients, normally a cash float will be provided.

All slips are kept for reference.

Contact details

Sarah Murray
Phone: 044 533 2794
Cell: 083 631 1278